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Welcome to IELTS Preparation Centre Sydney

IPC Sydney

We are a successful IELTS Preparation Centre in the heart of Sydney. We offer intensive IELTS courses for Academic and General Training.

Why study at IPC Sydney?


  • Our courses work! Pass IELTS at IPC Sydney!
  • FREE Writing feedback even after your course has finished (up to 10 tasks)
  • Join any class at any time - create your own timetable
  • Catch up on classes you miss any time in another session
  • 300 pages of course materials - all materials included
  • FREE practice Speaking interviews with your teacher

What we teach you

IELTS Listening

We teach you:

  • Listening techniques that work!
  • How to avoid mistakes that cost you marks
  • How to listen for the answers
  • How the Listening Test is marked
  • To understand the different question types

Lots of extra listening materials to take home!


IELTS Writing

We teach you:

  • To write Task 1 and Task 2 in four easy steps
  • What your mistakes are and how to fix them
  • What examiners look for in your writing
  • To write faster and better
  • How to understand the band descriptors

Face-to-face feedback (no extra cost)!

Lots of sample answers!

Extra grammar support!


IELTS Reading

We teach you:

  • Fast Reading techniques that work!
  • To understand the different question types
  • How to avoid mistakes that cost you marks
  • How the Reading Test is marked

Lots of reading materials to take home!


IELTS Speaking

We teach you:

  • What examiners look for in your speaking
  • What your mistakes are and how to fix them
  • How to increase your fluency
  • To understand the different question types

Practice for the Speaking Test in class each day!

Practice Speaking Test with your teacher (no extra cost)!